Updated On: Aug 22, 2016

    The professionals who drive the NIH shuttle buses haven’t had a raise since 2012. 

    After going public with their demand for a fair union contract, W&T Travel Services owner Darnell Lee began a sustained campaign of retaliation and intimidation to quash their rights. The NLRB’s investigation into this blatant, illegal union busting is ongoing; however, the company retaliated by firing or suspending every worker that testified to the government about the company’s illegal behavior. 


    Medical Center Metro Station and Bus Stop

    8810 Rockville Pike

    Bethesda, MD 20814


    Wednesday August 24th, 7:00 – 9:00 AM 


    • Union leaders fired
    • Wages stagnant
    • Boss makes millions off of government contracts
    • NIH lets federal contractor ignore federal labor laws

    For more information or to get involved:

    Call John Ertl at (202) 826-4845.

    Stand with our Brothers and Sisters at ATU!

    Join us on Wednesday, August 24 @ 7am! 


    • Union leaders fired
    • Wages stagnant
    • Boss makes millions off of
    • government contracts
    • NIH lets federal contractor ignore federal labor laws

    So far, the NIH has done nothing to help. 

    Darnell Lee has continued to stall negotiations with the union by throwing up roadblock after roadblock. His company has made unprecedented, shameful demands for give-backs, including taking away three weeks of vacation time from senior drivers. All the workers want is a fair contract and for the retaliation to end. 

    Tell NIH: Fire W&T Travel Services!

    W&T Travel Services has been allowed to terrorize its workforce for far too long. NIH, however, hasn’t budged despite repeated calls to do something. The time has come to demand that W&T be fired off the NIH contract. The union will not stop escalating its campaign until the drivers win a fair contract, but the drivers need help. 

    First, sign the petition to call on the NIH to back the shuttle drivers! The petition can be found here:  http://bit.ly/1UBdtaN

    After that, call Francis Collins, the Director of NIH at (301) 496-2433 and tell him that NIH needs to take responsibility for ensuring fair treatment of the drivers by their subcontractor. W&T Travel Services has shown that it won’t treat the drivers right and respect the law, so they should be fired and replaced by a company that will follow the law and treat the drivers right.  


    Sign the Petition to Support NIH Shuttle Drivers, and call (301) 496-2433 and tell Francis Collins that W&T Travel Services must be fired. NIH shuttle drivers des erve to be treated with dignity and fairness.

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